Deric Mandrell Boyer

Deric was born Christmas day 1985 in Nashville TN.

His first performance singing was when he was five during fan fair, in Nashville. He ruled the stage.

Although he also played alto sax and guitar, his main instrument was drums. In High School he played the drum set in the Performers Band. He later played in some renowned rock groups of Nashville.

While in a mall, Deric was approached by a modeling agent about how handsome he was. Soon he was in the Nashville Scene annual magazine as one of Nashville’s top twenty best-looking people. After that, Deric did a lot of magazine ads some modeling for catalogs and videos.

Deric has also had success in the business world. He has been running his own office for the last three years in Maryland. Now with the possibility of doing a TV show with his family, he is moving his business back home, to Nashville.